Saturday, May 21, 2016

Read Along With Me: The Hunger Games

Hi Bookworms!

So, recently I have decided to dive in and read The Hunger Games trilogy... for the first time!  I know, I am embarrassingly late in the game.  I've always known about this series and had even tried to read the first book a couple of times - but whether it just wasn't the right time or what, I would never get very far.  Now that I'm obsessed with the movies, I'm determined to set aside some proper time to reading this series. The good news is that you can be there with me every step of the way!  Since this is such a popular book series, I thought it would be fun to live tweet my reading experience.  That's where you come in.  Follow along on my Twitter and check out my latest reactions as I read my way through this epic book series that is . . . The Hunger Games. *cue mocking jay whistle*

Click below to see my progress so far and to read my latest tweets!

The Hunger Games 
Catching Fire

The Hunger Games:

Catching Fire:


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