About the Author

Hi, I'm Danielle, better known as Belle (and no, I did not get that nickname from my favorite Disney character who shares my love of books... just a happy coincidence!). Welcome to my little book nook of the internet where I post everything bookish, from reviews to recommendations to thoughts on various topics in literature and publishing, and much more. I'm a twenty-something year old Washington native who's been in love with books all her life. From an early age, I was always a bookworm, eager to read at every chance I had. This love of books followed me throughout my life. Along with reading, I began to write my own stories, I spent time in libraries like they were a second home, and eventually I went to college to pursue a degree in creative writing.

After college, I wasn't sure what lay ahead of me. I knew I wasn't ready to be done with books, yet I was also developing a growing interest in blogging. So, the summer after I graduated I created my very first book blog on Tumblr called Belle's Book Nook, and it was then that I felt I had finally found my niche among the book blogging community. It felt amazing to be in this space where others shared their love of books through both images and words, and anyone who wanted to join was warmly welcomed. It was a place filled with important conversations like representation in literature, and where others saw the value in young adult literature just as I did. To this day, I remain a part of this community and I feel thankful for it every day. After creating this first book blog, I came to realize that these two things combined - books and blogging - is what I truly loved to do. With that, I wanted to expand Belle's Book Nook into something more, something I could call completely my own. This blog is the result.

Ultimately my dream is to carry on my passion in books through a career in publishing. My life is a work in progress, though, and I can't predict how this story will end. As it stands, I am still an introvert who's addicted to the internet, loves photography, lives in sweaters and leggings, and cherishes the small moments. And no matter what, I will always find a way to surround myself with books and to blog about my latest reading obsessions. 

x Danielle | Belle's Book Nook