I love to connect with others beyond this blog.  If you'd like to get in touch with me, don't hesitate to reach out through one of my social media platforms below:
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Please also feel free to send me an email with any comments, inquiries, requests, 
or other issues you'd like to discuss.

Book Reviews

I also entertain the idea of taking requests for book reviews.  If there's a book you think I should read, tell me!  Send me an email with the title of the book and the author, along with a short synopsis and/or a link to the book.  

  • I do also accept eBooks.  
  • If you are a self-published/indie author or interested in sending me an ARC, follow the same guidelines for requesting book reviews (listed above) and I will send you my mailing address. 
  • Generally, I stay within specific genres: fiction, young adult literature, some fantasy, and some nonfiction.  If there's a book outside of these genres that you really think I should read though, convince me why and maybe I'll consider!

** I am subject to decline any requests for whatever reason(s). 
 Please respect this, and please don't take any rejections personally.  Not every book is right for every person.  I may not always have the time.  There may be other reasons why I don't feel like reviewing a particular book.  I'm only one human! 


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